It Moved Off Very Fast

It Moved Off Very Fast

Date: Date: August 28, 1960

Location: Dickinson, ND

We were playing on the grassy slope in front of the Saint Wensislaws church, I had run up some stairs that led to the West side of the Catholic school entry.

I was at the top when a light came down from the South and then hoverd above me. It seemed to be only a few feet above the top of the building roof.

I looked up and all I could see was the light, there was no sound no air movement.

I ran down the stairs and stopped again to look up, I was standing in the center of the light. The light the went straight I dont know how many feet stopped flashed sideways stopped, rose higher stopped several more times then vanished.

The speed was very fast and stopped very abrupt Not at all like a helicopter., This was faster and made no sound.

There was only one white light and that seemed to be over the whole bottom of the craft.

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