Carlos Diaz Story

Carlos Diaz Story

Date: July 1968

Location: Cumbres del Ajusco National Park, Mexico City, Mexico

In Tepazin, Mexico a sequence of events changed Carlos Diaz forever. Several times he apparently saw red objects and made contact with their occupants.

These encounters have carried on ever since. The red light seen by Carlos have been seen by the inhabitants of the area in the mountains around Tepazin, especially around the Sara Delaluz Mountain.

Even today there are locals who claim to have made sightings, but Carlos is the only one who said he's made contact. Carlos says that the visitors are preoccupied with the ecological state of the planet, and the changes brought about by our nuclear activity. Many species become extinct every year. They limit themselves to observing and they can't intervene directly.

They respect our free will.

Quoting Carlos:

I had seen the light descend a number of times. I had seen it above the heights of the mountain Sara Delaluz. Then it came down. I was hoping that something would happen and that I might reach someone from the craft. I felt a particular sensation in my chest, the feeling like when you are in love.

Then an object appeared. They were objects made of light, light that shown from the center.

Strangely all the light was contained within the object. I saw a metallic object, but even that became bathed in light.

The thing that surprised me the most was that the parts moved from the solid state into thin light, and then back again. I saw it as a beautiful cloud, clearly defined with millions and millions of luminous points.

It was a spectacular sight.

Entering the object was really something.

There was nothing to see except light. The most frightening thing for me was when I tried to touch my head. I noticed that my hand went right to my head before I realized I was making a gesture.

It meant that even my body had transformed into light.

I could see creatures, beings of form that they had taken on and come amongst us. They looked like us, they changed like us to be able to understand us. They are studying us.

Better details of this event:

In January 1981, Carlos Diaz, on the instructions of his magazine, was on his way to meet with a journalist in Ajusco Park, near Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Carlos arrived early for the meeting, so he parked his car and waited patiently for the journalist to arrive.

Minutes passed, the journalist was still away, and the impatient Diaz sat in his car and looked out the window, wondering when he would finally appear.

Carlos noticed a bright orange oval shaped object in the sky emerging from a nearby valley, which then flew up to his car and hovered directly above it. Considering that Carlos had all his photographic equipment already prepared for work, he immediately began photographing this UFO, but he was unable to take a single normal picture because his whole car began to shake and tremble violently.

Then Carlos got out of the car and continued his attempts to photograph the UFO outside. But as soon as he took a few photos, the mysterious orange ball soared high into the sky and disappeared, leaving Diaz in bewilderment and surprised.

However, this was only the beginning of this strange incident.

After this incident, Carlos turned into a person obsessed with the strange phenomenon he saw.

Time after time, he replayed in his head how an orange UFO flew over his car, and also repeatedly came to that place at the same time to see the UFO again.

But month after month passed and he did not notice anything else unusual.

It was March 1981 and Carlos came back to Ajusco Park, still hoping to see it again. And when he arrived, he soon noticed a strange yellow glow, which was clearly visible in the sky, despite the rain and fog. Diaz got out of the car and moved closer to the glow, which soon turned into the familiar orange UFO hovering in the sky.

The UFO seemed to be waiting for Carlos, and when he came closer, the object also dropped significantly and now the man could see it better.

He described the UFO as domed with a smooth ring in the center and covered with many hemispheres, each about 3' in diameter.

Looking in amazement at the apparently extraterrestrial ship, Carlos felt as if someone had approached him from behind and wrapped his arms tightly around him, after which he passed out.

When he gained consciousness, he found that his clothes were completely dry, despite the fact that they had previously been soaked in rainwater, and the mysterious UFO had disappeared.

Confused, Diaz returned to his car and suddenly saw another car next to his, from which a tall, blond haired man got out.

He told Carlos that if he wants to see something else interesting, then he should come tomorrow. Carlos did so and came there again at the same time the next day.

A stranger with blonde hair was waiting for him and immediately told him that it was he who grabbed Diaz yesterday and that he was the pilot of the orange UFO. Further, the blonde mysterious man said that Carlos would gradually remember all subsequent events on his own and that this would forever change his life.

Then the fair haired man went into the forest and disappeared, and Carlos remained near his car, feeling both loneliness and intense fear.

Over the next few months, Diazís memory did begin to manifest some memories of what happened to him after the alien grabbed him.

He remembered that at some point a UFO came very close to him, and then Diaz passed through the surface of the UFO and seemed to merge with this object.

Then he found himself in a mysterious cave.

It was full of stalagmites, some of which were carved with patterns reminiscent of Mayan sculptures. I saw many people in the cave, some of them waved at me, and in a state of shock I waved back.

Then a blonde haired humanoid entity appeared nearby and accompanied me to another cave that contained 7 egg shaped glowing spheres.

Carlos was ordered to enter one of these realms and then things got even more surreal because then he ended up in some strange forest.

I could see all the details of this forest, as if I was walking along it. I could not touch anything, but I could feel its temperature and humidity. I could see and feel everything, but physically I was not there.

He was then returned to the original cave, and then returned to his car, after which the blonde alien told him that now Carlos had received some mysterious knowledge and then left.

After that, Carlos claimed that these entities began to often contact him and that he repeatedly entered the mentioned spheres, traveling through them throughout the Earth and even in time, the aliens taught him that everything is interconnected and that his mission was to help the ecology of the Earth.

German research writer Michael Hesemann, who interviewed Diaz, put it this way:

Not only does he contact these creatures through encounters on their ships, but he claims to meet these creatures socially, as he believes that some of them live among us.

Apparently, they told him that they are visiting Earth in for thousands of years and are especially interested in our evolution, which, compared to their own, has occurred much faster. They are trying to understand why.

When the story of Carlosís encounters with extraterrestrials made it to the press, including some of the UFO photographs he did succeed, these images were subjected to rigorous analysis and verification, and many Mexican ufologists claimed that Diazís photos were one of the most striking evidence of alien existence ever.

These pictures also went through several analyzes, which only confirmed their authenticity.

Professor Victor Quesada from the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Mexico was one of those who studied these photos:

We were shocked to find that the light spectrum from the object was different from anything we had ever seen, it violated all previous parameters and did not match anything in our data banks. The light was unusually bright. There was no evidence of overlap or play out. According to our estimates, the diameter of the object is between 90' and 150'.

These photographs appear to have been examined by other experts as well, including even Dr. Robert Nathan of NASAís Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, who also concluded they were genuine.

Later, Carlos also produced UFO videos, and these videos were also scrutinized in detail for traces of editing and forgery. They also still cause a lot of controversies.

Meanwhile, much has been said about Diazís reliability as an eyewitness and that he seemed to everyone to be a very honest, clear, and believable witness to the events he described. One UFO researcher and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, John Mack, spoke of Carlos:

Of all the experienced people I have worked with, it is Carlos Diaz who seems to have developed the deepest understanding of natureís interconnected web.

Diazís experience with living things is so powerful that it seems like he literally became what he describes. Carlos is the most important documented human contact with aliens that has occurred in our time.

In the years that followed, Carlos continued to insist on the reality of his photographs, videos, and his experiences, calling himself a messenger working to save Earth from the imminent destruction that the aliens told him would befall us if we didnít change our habits.

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