Light That Shone Through The Window

Light That Shone Through The Window

Date: June 1, 1971

Location: Devonshire, England

The light that shone through the window was an unbeleivably beautiful blue and looked like rays.

While laying asleep at home one night in a back room I shared with my sister, I was awoken by a strange noise. It sounded like helicopter blades, rotating in slow motion.

As I woke, I was aware of blue light rays shining through the gap in the bedroom curtains.

Scared, I tried to get up to see what it was but as I struggled towards the window, the light suddenly dissapeared and somehow, exhausted through fear, I fell back to sleep never mentioning the event to anyone until many years later.

I related it to my younger sister who also said she had seen it.

It is worth noting that the room was situated some 20' to 25' above ground level and the rear wall of the house fell directly into a back alley way. There is no way that anything as large as a helcopter could have got there, and we only had a small courtyard.

Not long before this event I had witnessed a fireball flying over the city in broad daylight sometime in the early evening after school.

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