Gigantic Pile Of Tumbleweeds

Gigantic Pile Of Tumbleweeds

Date: June 30, 1961

Location: Dell City, TX

The witnesses were driving along a rural road and had just topped a hill, below them in the road was what appeared to be a gigantic pile of tumbleweeds.

The witnesses had stopped the car and were trying to decide why this unusual sight was blocking the road and trying to determine what to do.

Then the entire gigantic pile of tumbleweeds lifted up slowly, hovered for a few seconds before going straight up into the sky, there was no wind.

They watched this object go up until it disappeared.

After this sighting, one of the witnesses developed unusual powers of mind reading & levitation, this lasted a few weeks but was so frightening that the person consciously stopped.

The persons involved were a brother & sister and did not talk about the experience for decades, not even to each other.

They both believe they lost time during the encounter.

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