In Our Defense

In Our Defense

Date: July 15, 1967

As most of you know, The Night Sky has been online in one form or another, for over 20 years.

I use one form or another because I've switched top level domains, or TLDs often. As a rookie one just doesn't know. Some offer greater privacy than others, So I change until I got it right.

Different Internet Service Providers or ISPs also differ. I had really bad experiences with GoDaddy.

With being around that many years it also creates issues.

The main issue being copyright problems. For a basic example I have some stories submitted from users dating back to my first site, I believe it was hosted by Tripod, tons of ads on it. So that's when I would get a real URL. Other sites would pick up on that certain story and post it on their site. I have absolutely no issues or problems with that.

What I would, and still do have issues with, is the fact that there is one site out there that used our content and then report us to Google for copyright infringement. One site in particular based in the United Kingdom thrives on doing this. I'm not naming names or pointing fingers, And I don't use that plan. I think it is a chicken shit way of doing business. We followed this up in Google search, seems we are not the only site they do this to. Must be their way of eliminating credible competition. Just Chicken Shit.

I'm certain they do this because they also have Pop-Ups and ads, they need to support their advertisers.

They also need to Man Up, and realize they aren't as popular as they feel they are. Face reality, and lose their attitude.

My site is going through each story they claim to be copied, if it shows my version was up before they first came online it will remain. If it's dated after they came online I'll remove it. I'm not into having a pissing match, or thinking myself as arrogant. The wife and myself are above that.

We put thousands of hours into this. We don't clutter it up with advertising or Pop-Ups that could damage your equipment, And we don't whine to Mom if someone uses our content. Grow up.

In my opinion they are more after pay per click, than content. I wonder if they pay their taxes on what they receive?

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