Million Man March Had Visitors?

Million Man March Had Visitors?

Date: October 15, 1995

Location: Washington, DC

I drove to our Nation's Capital to do some vending at the Million Man March.

I parked my red GMC SUV right behind my vending spot, set up my tables, and began to unload my supplies.

I had several people working with me and I also saw many other venders that I know setting up as well.

There were alot of people walking around the area, shopping, eating, and just taking in the scenary.

I took out my VHS camcorder and began to talk and film people in the area.

At some point I looked up into the sky and noticed it was full of stars.

I've always enjoyed looking at the stars, and have never seen a more spectacular night than this one.

I noticed a star moving slightly back and forth.

I was fatigued this evening from the long drive and other things I had to do that night and at first I thought I was just seeing things.

After another look I was sure I wasn't seeing things.

I made a comment to somebody standing close to me if they had ever seen a UFO and pointed towards the object.

His response was:

If that's a UFO, what's that?

And pointed the opposite direction.

The star he pointed out was making little circular motions.

I began to tell other people in the area to look up while I scanned the sky for other stars.

I saw at least 50 other stars making subtle movements.

I tried to catch this on video but my camera barely works with good lighting.

The only thing I caught on tape was our voices and reaction to the sighting.

I watching the stars moving for about 10 minutes and then continued to unpack my supplies and later fell asleep in my jeep.

When I woke up the events at the Million Man March had already begun and I was late getting started.

I sold out everything I had in just a few hours and never looked up even once that day.

I have friends who did and saw close up in the day what I probably saw that night.

They described them as looking like clouds and changing into silver metalic disks.

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