Multiple Incidents Still Occurring - Part 5 - Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

Date: November 2000

Location: SW Michigan

From my submissions I've stated that all of my actual craft sightings, the color of fire is prevalent.

This was early November 2000 and I had started working closer to home, supervising in a converting shop. This small converting shop was only 9 miles from home. Taking a cut in pay I decided to ride this job out and see how things went.

Because it was a small town, quality applicants were minimal. Tired of being shorthanded I encouraged my youngest son to apply.

The night of the incident my son and I were closing up after 2nd shift Friday. We took our usual way home, it was close to Midnight. This area is within 25 miles from my other sightings.

We left the shop heading east, turned north and were approximately 5 miles from home.

My son noticed it first, to our west, I slowed down to find an area that trees didn't block our view. Once again treetop level and orangish/yellow lights.

I informed my son right away that this was probably a UFO, we were about 3 miles from it at this time. I gave him the option of going home or investigating this. His response was: You're driving, and we headed west to get a closer look.

It wasn't moving at all after my son first noticed it.

This area has a small lake along with a fairly large wooded section.

I kept driving towards it with my view being obscured by trees. I stopped the truck and we got out because I lost sight of it. My son said it didn't leave that he was aware of, he thought it must have moved farther west or landed.

In this vicinity is a pipeline that runs through the farmland with a couple of large oil storage tanks. We arrived by the storage tanks and didn't see anything, we couldn't locate it?

Because of the lake and the woods I decided to drive farther north then west and pass the area were it initially was and double back.

As we came back around my son yelled to stop, we could just make out the glow of light through the trees. The craft had landed in the woods.

And here is the Missed Opportunity, there was no way to drive closer. We would have had to get out and make our way around the swampy side on the edge of the lake before we got to the wood's. A good mile hike on private property. I hate to say it but we abandoned our quest to get closer.

I still considered this Close Encounter of the 1st Kind, but we were father then 500'.

Waiting for the next chance always looking to the Sky


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