Bright Colored Light Flying

Bright Colored Light Flying

Date: June 15, 1974

Location: Davao, Philippines

At around 8:00 p.m. way back in the year 1974, I was still then in my grade school at 4th grade level.

It happened when I was standing beside the door in the back of our house, it was a dark night and my little hometown does not have the power of electricity during that time, as a little child am wandering the beauty of the sky and it was all of the sudden I heard a whispering sound above the roof of our house.

I presume it was a plane the not so long it appear to me look like a disk shape flying below the coconut tree about 30' from where I am standing, then it moves at curve direction going under the next coconut tree.

I assume it was a real space ship since I'm still a very young at that age, after two months it appear the same again. and no more.

During high school days it came to the news that UFO is visiting our mother earth and I remember then I saw a UFO during my childhood day.

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