2 Separate Events

2 Separate Events

Date: January 1, 1968

Location: Da Nang, South Central Coast, Vietnam

Story #1: Silent, Slow Moving Light I was going to guard duty one night while I was in Viet Nam. We were on the mountain overlooking Da Nang. About a dozen of us were standing around talking, while waiting to go to our posts. One person spotted a light and pointed it out to all of us.

The light was changing colors and was unlike any light we had ever seen. It moved slowly and quietly until it was almost over us. It hovered for about 5 to 10 minutes.

At the last, it took off, straight up, at a great velocity and was gone in a second or two.

We spent most nights on guard duty and were used to all of the lights of the night sky in Vietnam, and this moved in a fashion that no known terrestrial vehicle could move.

Story #2: White Lights Among Tracers

It was a clear star lit sky. And was not close to rain season. North east sky while on duty at airbase was watching red tracers, heading down out of sky at ementy, noticed several white lights close together.

First one would jet away then come back, then a few others did the same, then they all just disaperad, thought this strange at the time, and just let it slide, maybe it was a group of Huey's or gun ships, but they don't use lights at night when attacking.

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