Air Force Said It Was A Balloon

Air Force Said It Was A Balloon

Date: June 22, 1961

Location: Dallas, GA

I saw something close up but no one to tell who would believe what i saw, Air Force said it was balloon.

I was staying with my Uncle & Aunt in Dallas, GA.

I was around 13 at the time.

My 2 cousins and myself were out in the hills, running the woods, when we saw this very large disk shaped object above us.

It was very large and not more than 30' to 60' above us, and at first didn't know what to think.

It was a lime green color and had windows in it.

My cousin said look someone is looking out at us.

And I saw this also, I don't remember what Steve, his brother said.

We watched it fly over us, it was moving slowly over the hills, then it moved very fast and was gone.

If it had any writing on it, I don't remember.

The Air Force came out the same night, and days later to talk to people, but they wouldn't talk to any kid in Dallas, GA.

I have thought about talking about it for a long time, but you know how it goes when someone starts, he's crazy.

My cousin's never talk about it.

This was on the TV news at the time, but they wouldn't talk to kids either.

The Air Force made there statement on it as nothing, but weather balloon. glowing at night.

Right, But I saw a dish shaped craft close up and it had windows and people in it, am I crazy to say something?

The dish made no sound. no aircraft chasing it.

It's like the Air Force knew about it, or was protecting something, it was reported to the Air Force when we got back to the house.

It was on the news too.

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