My Dad Flew UFOs

My Dad Flew UFOs

Date: June 30, 1947

Location: Unknown

The object landed and made a sound.

There were aircraft in the vicinity or chasing the object.

Entities were seen.

My father, who was in the Air Force flew a UFO in 1947.

My mother told me just before she passed, the answer to a question I had asked her many times.

I wanted to know what my father, who was a commander in 8th Air Force, had told her about UFOs.

Her eyes focused at me and she said:

Daddy flew the damn thing.

This would have been late 1940s or possible early 1950s.

I asked why she didn't tell me before, and she said she couldn't.

Myself, younger brother & sister underwent constant medical exams by Air Force doctors.

I was born in 1952.

The 3 of us were never told why we had the exams.

My younger brother & sister died of aorta deformity.

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