Couple Observes UFO, Robots & Trace Evidence

Couple Observes UFO, Robots & Trace Evidence

Date: July 23, 1974

Location: St. Cyrille, Quebec, Canada

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Doe had come home from a holiday in Florida. Being tired from the trip, Mrs. Doe had gone to bed, and her husband was sitting up watching the late show on television. They live in a house trailer near St. Cyrille, Quebec. Other trailers on the lot had been installed, but the Doe's were the only occupants at the time.

Shortly after the end of the show, at about 1:15 a.m., Mr. Doe was preparing to go to bed when he heard a strange sound like bum bum bum outside, much like something falling on the grass.

He lifted the curtain in the living room and saw a reddish orange, round object hovering over the field to the northeast side of his house trailer. He then went into the bedroom to wake his wife, and while there, heard another sound like buzzing.

When he looked outside, he saw what he described as a robot like creature, about 6' tall, within 15' of the trailer. Needless to say, Mr. Doe was shocked by what he saw and he and his wife then went into the living room where they looked out and observed three more robots, they described them as such because of their stiff manner of moving about, as well as their appearance, close to an adjoining trailer, and apparently examining the shaft and wheel assembly.

From then on, Mr. and Mrs. Doe only looked out occasionally to see if the robots were still there and because they were very frightened. During the observation, which lasted until 4:20 a.m., they both saw approximately 15 of the robots together in one line close to the creek. The robots stood there for over five minutes and when they moved, they did so as if they were one unit, giving the Doe's the impression that they were remote controlled.

During the following few days, the Doe's learned that a farmer had had trouble with his dog on the morning after the incident. The dog, which usually barked wildly at the slightest provocation, had managed to slip out of his collar and was hiding.

Although only one object was seen, three of what could be described as landing traces were found. One was where the witnesses observed the object, the others on the other side of the creek hidden by high bushes, which would have screened anything from the Doe’s view.

Since the sighting, when an investigation was made, the grass had been cut on both sides of the creek, but the landing marks were clearly seen because the grass had grown twice as high in the area of the marks as in the surrounding area. The grass in the landing area was not burned, but merely swirled as in the cases of so called saucer nests around the world. According to the Doe's, they found a strange substance of whitish color where the robots were seen moving about, and close to their prefabricated shed.

The results of the analysis were that the whitish, chalkish substance was low grade limestone and nothing out of the ordinary.

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