Very Large, Wide Cylinder Appeared

Very Large, Wide Cylinder Appeared

Date: August 15, 1949

Location: Wilmington, DE

I was ascending a external staircase from our basement.

When above me in the dark evening sky, a very large, wide cylinder appeared momentarily.

It moved from my right to my left as I looked up.

Also, this wide bright orange wide cylinder ballooned outward on both sides, then returned to its wide cylinder shape and faded out.

It took only a moment it seemed to me, was gone as quickly as it appeared.

There were no marks or details obvious.

It was an orange glow in the shape I have described.

Appeared and gone in a moment.

I encountered my father on our porch and he did not report to me that he had seen the event.

This is a long time ago and I cannot very well recall that we remarked to each other in detail.

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