Metallic Disk Shaped Object

Metallic Disk Shaped Object

Date: February 19, 1994

Location: Craigluscar Reservoir near Dunfermline, Scotland

A metallic disk shaped object was filmed over Craigluscar Reservoir.

Ian Macpherson, a member of the local angling club and a keen artist, was taking photographs to assist with a painting he was working on. He was first alerted to something out of the ordinary by a humming noise, similar to that from high voltage power lines.

Macpherson describes an in a flash uneasy feeling as he turned towards the water to see the object coming towards him. He stood frozen, watching it for more than 15 minutes.

According to Macpherson's statement:

The craft came close enough for me to see that it was definitely metallic and had several points of diffused light on its underside, inside a darker colored rim.

It was only as the disk flew off at high speed that Macpherson felt able to raise his camera and take 2 photographs.

He said:

The craft's acceleration was extraordinary, by the time I'd wound the film on between the two shots, it was a mere dot in the sky.

By his own admission, Macpherson had no interest in the subject of UFOs.

Subsequent checks with the RAF, airports and the police, confirmed no known air traffic at the time.

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