UFO Seen Bobbing Up & Down

UFO Seen Bobbing Up & Down Seen

Date: December 4, 1949

Location: Between Covington & Hammond, LA

USAF pilot of C-47 transport Flight AF 5566, Major F. E. Whitker, Base Legal Officer of Walker AFB, Roswell, N.M., copilot First lieutenant P.H. McDavid and crew chief engineer Staff sergeant C. Thomas also from Walker AFB, while flying from Carswell AFB, Dallas, to Keesler AFB, MS, at 180 mph at 5,500' heading 90°, East.

Saw a bright silver sphere about the size of a jet fighter, 50', come towards their aircraft.

Heading about 300° or about West nearly head on at 1 o'clock position,[from about 120° eastnortheast at about the same altitude, 5,500', at high speed in excess of 600 mph or faster than a jet.

Then after about 30 seconds object turned abruptly to the South, then stopped, bobbed up and down.

Object made several accelerations and decelerations and sharp direction and altitude changes during sighting, very maneuverable in all directions, Whitaker describing as appearing to bounce all over the sky.

Object disappeared by sudden burst of speed crossing field of vision in about 1 second.

No vapor trail, exhaust, distinguishing features, or sound noticeable above the C-47's noise.

Apparent size half dollar on windshield.

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