Huge, Shiny, Silver Craft Observed

Huge, Shiny, Silver Craft Observed

Date: September 28, 1966

Location: Coventry, RI

It was night, and we all saw a huge silver highly shiny circle craft not more than 100' away from us. It was an incredible thing to witness.

Both my friend & I were with our boyfriends in my boyfriends car and were parked on a dirt road near a field that pigs were bred, with no houses for at least mile so it was very quiet. I was facing my boyfriend laying in his arms in the front seat when he grabbed my arms and just turned my body around in the car and said quietly to me, look over there.

My heart raced when in the field through some small little trees we saw this very round and shiny object like surgical steel in a circle shape but had a flat bottom and top.

We all got out of the car so scared as we were young, we thought no one would believe us.

We stood there watching this object glowing for as long as 10 minutes.and then watched how it took off. It used a huge beam of light to push itself up off of the ground by the light coming down and moving the craft up and then it would shoot another beam of light down to push itself up again higher and higher until it had gotten high enough to start the lights around the indented center to glow around it and then we watched this UFO jolt faster than we could keep our eyes on it with no noise whatsoever.

We were so shocked, or in shock at what we all we had observed that we all decided it was not the place to be. We do however have what they called the Nike Site which is a Government Base which was around 1 miles away from that field. That field was owned by some people in Providence who let the pigs live there in old buses and live off the land and they used them for pig roasts.

We never reported this but I told my brother whom was in the Air Force and he told me we should have reported it.

At that time I guess they were looking into UFO's at that time. He flew so he didn't take what I had told him lightly. However shortly after telling my mom and my brother my mom saw an object one night hovering over our neighbors huge front yard, they had cows and farm animals and lots of land.

She told me the next day about it because as she watched it she said for a half hour or more, which she said seemed like hours, she said she was frozen stiff and couldn't move. She told her friend and her friend showed her the Pawtuxet Valley Times front page which showed a news article or picture about the night before.

My mom is not alive now, or I would ask her, but she told her friend that she thought she had lost her mind and or was dreaming while standing up looking through our bathroom window that night.

She didn't report it as she thought everyone would think she was nuts. Back then in those small towns which aren't small any more, no one believed you unless it was gossip. But to this day I still remember it so well as it was so fascinating and I know what my friends and I saw, and we often talk about it. But there is only 3 of us left. I only wish I could see one now. I would have the guts to go back the next day or maybe while it was still there and try and find out all I could about it.

We had no idea how long it had been there before us because we parked there before it was dark and when that craft started to leave and push itself up with the beam of light from underneath it was dark, so it lit all the field up. We could see the buses that sat a few 100 feet away in the back of the field. The light from underneath also started to come out form under the craft as a hugh circle of light and then as it ascended upward it sort of came down like a cone shape of light. Like a flash light would do if you started with the flashlight beam face down on the floor.

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