Costa Rica UFO Photograph

Costa Rica UFO Photograph

Date: September 4, 1971

Location: Lago de Cote, Costa Rica

The photo above was taken by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission. This UFO photograph is unique for several reasons.

1.The photograph was taken by a high quality, professional camera.

2.The unidentified object is plainly visible against the uniformly dark background of the lake and appears in sharp focus.

3.The camera was aimed downward and the plane was flying at a known, fixed altitude of 10,000', which makes it easy to calculate a maximum size for the object at 683'.

The plane carried a crew of 4, a specialist in aerial photography, a geographer, a topographer, and the pilot.

No member of the crew stated that they saw anything unusual during the routine flight.

Much analysis has been done using the original negative.

It seems safe to assume that it is not a double exposure or the result of manipulation of the negative.

All indications are that this is a photo of a large 3D disk or shallow cone, above, or possibly partially submerged in Lago de Cote.

There were apparently no witnesses to the disk's presence at the time of the photograph, but other incidents at that location had been reported by local farmers, involving strange, artificial objects moving around the surface or just below the surface of the lake.

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