Fireball Incident In Space

Fireball Incident In Space

Date: June 9 1947

Location: Corpus Christi, TX

I have no time for joking or lying as I am 74 years old now.

And I have to say this before I go to my grave.

So people will find out what happened in 1947.

I don't remember what month it was but it was like maybe in the spring.

When I was a young boy in 1947.

I remember me and another boy sitting next to a wire fence outside, next to the street.

It was a clear night sky and we could see the stars that night.

When he then said:

The stars are moving, look up.

I looked up and saw that the stars were not moving as he had said.

What I saw, was a real bright fireball moving from one star to another and stay there in that star.

And then he said:

Look, there is another one moving.

There were more fireballs moving to other stars in different directions as well, but not crisscrossing and it only took less than a minute for the fireballs to reach other stars.

We observed this happening for about 10 minutes.

Now, you tell me how far it is from one star to another, probably millions of miles, I would guess, I will leave that up to the experts.

Now I have seen many people report UFOs in the sky, but in space, and in 1947?

Were there any rockets travelling that far then?

Then I thought to myself, tomorrow we will find out more about this, when people looking up with their telescopes will report what they saw that night.

But nothing happened.

I never saw any reports like that and nothing on the radio either.

I have been trying to tell this story for a long time, but who would believe me?

And also, I have never known where to report it, till now.

I hope people will believe me and pass this story along to other people who might wonder what is up there and possibly coming to Earth as UFOs.

To me, this a Hell of a story, just because of the travel time the fireballs took to reach other stars.

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