Dramatic Sighting in the Outskirts of Cordova

Dramatic Sighting in the Outskirts of Cordova

Date: March 28, 1995

Location: Cordova, AK

This person was driving in the vicinity of the Cordova Airport, when the witness reports observing a clump of fog jumping across the roadway in front of the car. The witnessís attention is immediately drawn to the event, although concludes that it must just have been fog being swept over the roadway.

A few seconds later, the witness sees the same event, but the object is now closer, and more visible. The circling event occurs a total of six times, and is concluded when a strange looking object is hovering over the right front fender of the witnessís car.

The witness proceeds to drive many more miles toward the town of Cordova, when the witness becomes aware of 2 large, disk shaped objects sitting in a meadow beside the roadway.

The witness calls the next morning, and is quite emotionally upset by the experience. Reports that the event was quite dramatic.

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