Sideways Teardrop Shaped Craft

Sideways Teardrop Shaped Craft

Date: June 30, 1958

Location: Conyers, GA

My mother was at work. She was a hairdresser and worked downtown, my father had died in 1955. It was Saturday, and I called mom to see when she'd be home.

As I did, I looked out the screen door. Being summer, the trees were full. Out the edge of some trees, I saw something that did not belong. I just hung up with no answer and slowly walked outside.

My uncle had a lake in that direction and this object was just coming out of the pines. I walked into the dirt road keeping my attention to the sky. In about a minute, I could see the object complete. It was going slowly with no sound at all. I could estimate the size from the trees it was above. It was long, about 200' to 300', and was a sideways teardrop shape, bigger at one end. It was definitely not a weather balloon.

I watched in awe as it made transit. The color was a dim orange and still no sound. This is the first and only time I have related this to an organization.

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