I Was Convinced Alien Life Existed

I Was Convinced Alien Life Existed

Date: 2006

Location: Netherlands

Just one time.

I was 24, had been a normal person growing up never had anything I would consider unusual happen to me.

Now I should say that both before and after this event I was convinced alien life existed.

It seems mathematically impossible that it doesn't, and if it were only 1,000 years more advanced, which is nothing in the life of a planet, imagine what capabilities they would have.

On the night in question I was riding a train.

The car I was in was all but empty.

The friend I was travelling with had passed out.

As I sat in my seat watching the world go by, I was snapped back to my train car where I saw a figure sitting cross legged looking back at me.

He reached out a hand as if knowing our customary greeting.

I didn't know why but I felt compelled to shake hands.

I slowly reached out my hand and just as we were about to touch reality grabbed me.

I was on a train coming home from a weekend of debauchery in Amsterdam.

I was high as a kite and hallucinating the whole thing.

Or was I?

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