Before Arnold's Flying Saucers

Before Arnold's Flying Saucers

Date: January 10, 1947

Location: Conroe, TX

The date was early 1947, before Arnold's flying saucers.

I was 10 years old, riding in the front seat of our car next to the passenger door.

My mother was in the center front and Dad was driving North on old highway 75 near Conroe TX, headed home to Corsicana, TX.

My clear memory is aided by the many times I heard both parents relate the story to others who voiced simular experiences.

As we traveled up a slight hill with a curve at the top to the right, travelling approximately 60 mph, a semi circle of 5 or 6 bright white lights came over the hill following the road, straight at but above our car at what appeared to be less than 100' in the air.

There was no sound but our engine.

Immediately in front of our car the object, or objects in formation, made an abrupt right angle turn to the right, our left, toward the West and quickly disappeared over a row of trees about 200' off the highway.

After a moment of stunned silence, my Dad said:

Did you see that damn thing?

To which both my mother and I responded:

Yes, what was it?

None of us had a clue.

Desperate for a solution, Mother said:

Maybe it was our car lights on highwires.

Dad quickly pointed out that there were none.

Even more desperately she said:

Maybe it was birds.

With bright lights tied on?

Responded Dad.

Well, she searched, Maybe they got into flourescent paint?

Frustrated, Dad bluntly said No.

That was some kind of object or several objects doing something I have never seen before.

Only later that year, with the flying saucer flap, did we realize what we had witnessed.

The object was real, it made a maneuver impossible for any then, or now, known aircraft, made no noise, and, importantly, we were not programmed for such an experience.

I could add much more about another highly anomalous light performance I observed with one other unknown witness in the mid 1950s.

There are many credible, first hand observations related to me, such as one by an former fighter pilot, a geologist, scrambled out of Japan to pursue a clearly visable fire orange craft that played can and mouse with him until altitude forced him to turn back, it was his frightening debriefing that was the real story, a private pilot for and oil company CEO viewing a spinning top shaped object in day light over West Texas.

A very conservative Episcopal priest with a daytime viewing of a circular craft near and slow enough to observe windows along the side, and many other clear, detailed, objective sightings that, like mine, have never been reported.

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