Red/Orange Lights Over Lockborne A.F.B.

Red/Orange Lights  Over Lockborne A.F.B.

Date: May 1, 1959

Location: Columbus, OH

Myself and 2 other musicians were on our way to the entrance of Lockborne A.F.B.

We were to play a dance job at the service club.

I was in the front far right looking out an open window at the many reddish/orange lights over the base attached to tall structures of all kinds.

When I realized I had been staring at 2 red/orange lights, side by side, but not attached to anything.

They were completely motionless and silent.

I had been fixed on these lights several seconds, but the instant I consciously knew what I was looking at, the right light vanished and the other shot off to the North and out of sight in an instant, in complete silence.

As I turned my head to follow it, I realized my friend to my left was also looking at it.

The driver didn't see it, and when we spoke of it, the driver joked about our seeing flying saucers.

A peculiar thought I had latter was that it took a month or more for me to admit to myself that I had seen what could be called a UFO.

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