V Shape Set Of Lights

V Shape Set Of Lights

Date: December 1, 1956

Location: Columbus, OH

A V shaped set of lights either on one large, silent aircraft, or 5 different aircraft flying in formation.

No noise heard.

My brother & I were crossing a field on our way home in the winter of 1958.

There was a thin layer of low clouds that night.

Something in the sky caught our attention.

We looked up and saw about 5 lights above the cloud layer in a V shape flying South to North.

I thought they must have been military aircraft flying exceptionally high since we could not hear any noise, but the lights seemed to be just above the cloud layer.

We could see the glow of the lights through the cloud layer.

They were all white lights.

I thought it was probably military aircraft for about 55 years, until I recently watched a UFO program on one of the cable channels.

They showed a few amateur photos and artist's renditions of what many people have seen in central Ohio for years.

What we saw that night was similar to what many folks in Ohio reportedly have been seeing for many years.

I would like to add an addendum to my last report that after I sent the last report, I thought hard about the sighting.

I concluded that we saw the lights between 1955 & 1957.

Also, there could have been 7 lights shaped in a V or just 5 lights

I also remember thinking it was one of the Air Force's old flying wing aircraft.

But I was really puzzled that it made absolutely no sound.

If it was an Air Force aircraft, the lights were low enough that it should have definitely made an noise.

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