Police Radio Dispatchers Report Flying Objects

Police Radio Dispatchers Report Flying Objects

Date: Date: April 17, 1966

Location: Columbiana, OH

It was Sunday morning when over the police radios I heard the Summit County & Portage County radio operators advising their patrol cars of a report of a flying object reported by a woman.

Later one of the patrol cars reported to his office that he had seen the object and was following it.

He was following it East and towards Columbiana County.

As he came through Columbiana, OH I went to Route #14 and waited. At 5:30 a.m. the object went over me at what I thought was around 800'.

The object appeared to look like a large ice cream cone with point down.

The pointed part didnít look like a solid looked more like light beams.

At that time I pulled out and caught up with the patrol car, and followed behind him on into Pennor.

The object was travelling at speeds 85 to 105 mph.

At the entrance to Brady Run Park we lost sight of it.

We went on into Bridgeport and then we saw it again.

We followed it on into Conway, PA where a Officer had his office to call the Greater Pittsburgh Airport.

At that time I returned back to East Palestine, OH.

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