Metallic Saucer Shaped Object

Metallic Saucer Shaped Object

Date: August - 1979

Location: Florida Coast, Near Orlando, FL

Back in 1979, during Hurricane David, we were on our way to the coast of Florida to help my husbandís aunt and family to evacuate to Orlando.

Between there, we stopped at a place called the Long Cabbage so we could use the restrooms and get gas. When I was in the restroom with my son, my husband yelled at me to hurry out to see this.

A UFO was travelling under the clouds over the river towards Orlando. Iíll never forget it. It was metallic as the sun reflected off it. No noise at all. We all watched in awe.

My Dad worked at Kennedy Space Center at the time and he didnít have any answers. He said nothing there could do the things we saw. I didnít believe in UFOs until this happened.

Really strange. What we saw could not be explained.

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