UFO Clusters

UFO Clusters

Date: March, 1, 1996

Location: Westminster, London, England

Were they the search lights of some prankters? Were they secret experiments by national or international government agencies?

I think neither. The colors they displayed were not for FX, but I believe they corresponded to their speeds, ultra-blue/white = quick, well beyond supersonic speeds, maybe even, the speed of light, while umbers/reds = slow, motionless speeds.

These crafts were able to come together in V formations and a single upright circle. I didnít hear a single sound and I wasnít covered in a speck of dust, perhaps though, because they seemed to be several hundreds of feet above me, at angle.

These lights numbered 9 Ė 13. I canít quite remember, in any case there were more than 5 or 6 of them.

I parked my car on the street in Millbank, London SW1 and looked up toward southeast or southwest, in the direction of MI6 Vauxhall Bridge and Battersea and saw lights coming together from perhaps southeast or southwest England.

They made manoevres in the sky, unknown to any aircraft Iíve ever seen make. Thatís why I immediately thought pranksters playing with powerful search lights. This notion, however, was quickly dismissed when I saw them changed colors, one by one from red to orange/yellow then slowly fly off, breaking the motionless upright to flat circular formation that they had previously assumed.

As they flew off slowly, their lights changing from reds/oranges/yellows, their speeds increased, they adopted the V formation again, then changed colors to electric blues, they were pretty high above the ground.

Iíve never before nor after seen any vehicle move at such incredible speeds. Off they went into the southeast or southwest regions of the sky.

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