Saw UFO Over Airbase In New Mexico

Saw UFO Over Airbase In New Mexico

Date: April 2, 1944

Location: Clovis, NM

As an aircraft engineering officer at CAAF, 3 of us watched a bright object about 11 o'clock high.

It did not seem to move.

It glowed which over the years puzzled me.

Then several years ago I read that they can emit light.

The Sun was out and it was a perfectly clear early summer day.

I paid particular attention to the brightness.

It closely matched the appearance of several new from the factory B-29's, except for the planes showed the riveted parts.

I womdered how the Sun could make it shine as the Sun was a lot farther away.

I am sure that many hundreds of our people on the base saw it, too.

We speculated that it might be a Japanese balloon as we knew some had come over the Pacific northwest.

That evening at mess in the Officer's Club we talked about it.

Some said a P-63 had been sent up to investigate, but that it was just as far away at 30,000' as from the ground?

Also, Jupiter was mentioned.

If that was true, I have seen that planet only once in my life.

This sighting has troubled me for 61 years now.

I have a more detailed write up in my records.

I am a Registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years experience and perfect credentials.

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