Egg Shaped Craft Landed on Lonely Country Road

Egg Shaped Craft Landed on Lonely Country Road

Date: June 1, 1955

Location: Clinton, TN

I was 7 years old at the time the craft appeared.

My Father, Mother, and my 2 brothers were returning from a visit to my Grandparents house on west Wolfvalley Road in Anderson County, TN. It was dark on a summer night, my 2 older brothers were asleep, and I believe my Mom was also. I remember I was talking to my Dad, as our car came to a rise on the road a bright light appeared over a ridge and my Dad told me there might be a forest fire and to awake my brothers, my Dad woke my Mother.

All of us were dumdfounded at what was before us, the egg shaped craft landed about 100' down the road. It sat there for 5 or 6 minutes. There was no sound, smoke or any thing else. My Dad said it must be from Oak Ridge which was about 16 miles away.

The craft rose as in slow motion, Nothing else was said about it by family. My dad was in the war, and he told us kids it was not right to poke our noses into something that might involve or critize America or to tell any one about what we saw because they would only laugh at us.

I am 54 years old now, My grandchildern got me this computer for Christmas, I am just learning to use it. This is the frist time I have told this account of the UFO to any one.

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