Another Unknown

Another Unknown

Date Reported: March 9, 1950

Location: Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Near Mount Clemens, MI

USAF First lieutenant Francis E. Parker, First lieutenant Frank Mattson, Sergeant McCarthy, & Corporal Melton made multiple air defense ground radar tracking of an object erratically varying height, position, and speed from 25,000' to 47,000' altitude, 0 to 1,000 mph.

For 75 minutes multiple radars, CPS-4 and CPS-5.

Not listed as a Blue Book Unknown for some reason.

A formerly classified secret, this radar visual report surfaced as a result of the efforts of a former skeptic.

This skeptic not only worked for the U.S. Air Force, but he was also their consultant on UFOs, none other than Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

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