Metallic Saucer Shaped Object II

Metallic Saucer Shaped Object II

Date: February 1 1948

Location: Circleville, OH

Farmer B. Stevens woke up early in the morning to go check the farm animals, on his way to the cattle shed he spotted a metallic saucer shaped object hovering low above one of the barns.

Stevens immediately realized that the object was real and solid and that it measured about 60' in diameter and was about 10' to 12' thick.

The center seemed to be shaped like a dome, which gave off a brilliant orange light.

The dome was transparent, because when the object inclined slightly he was able to see a silhouette of a man like figure inside.

The occupant of the saucer seemed to be concentrating his glance on the several barns on the farm.

Stevens thought that it was because he had a green lighting over one of the barns.

Soon the dome darkened and Stevens could no longer see the occupant.

The object then flipped over and shot away at high speed.

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