Large Saucer Shaped Craft Looming Motionless

Large Saucer Shaped Craft Looming Motionless

Date: May 30, 1959

Location: Cincinnati, OH

I realize that this info is very old but wanted to report it as I never have.

I was 11 years old at the time of this sighting.

The weather was clear and sunny.

I was walking past a large part in an area referred to as Queen City when something caught my eye.

I looked up and saw a very large saucer shaped craft approximately 300' in diameter and about ½ of a mile from me and at about 1,500' altitude.

It appeared to be unpolished stainless steel in color and looked like 2 saucers turned on top of each other with a row of dark windows separating them.

I saw no structures above or below it.

It was tilted at a 45° angle toward me and did not appear to be rotating or moving at the time and made no sound at any time.

After a few minutes I realized that it was moving very slowing, almost drifting southward and over the Ohio River into Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Airport.

By the time it got to this point the object was now tilted at a nearly 80° angle.

By this time the light was starting to fade considerably, making continued visual contact very difficult so I went back to my uncles home.

I did not mention this incident to anyone for many years for fear of ridicule.

During the time of the sighting, I looked around several times thinking that other people would be watching it as well.

I saw no-one observing this large object in broad day light over a large public park in a very large city.

I saw no-one, I was amazed.

I thought, I can't believe that no-one else is looking at this thing.

It was right there, big as life and no one else was noticing it.

To this day I don't understand why it seemed that only I could see it.

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