Oddly Shaped Diamond Saucer

Oddly Shaped Diamond Saucer

Date: June 6, 1958

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Odd shaped diamond saucer, light could pass threw it.

About 30' long, 15' high, 3' from touching the ground.

Glass looking ramp stretched out touching the grass, grass seemed to be pressed down, trees all around it seemed too be pushed away from it.

Sighting took place in a large forest. female was about 6'4", very long white hair, she had a body you would die for.

She spoke German, I told her I did not speak it.

She began too speak all types of languages, I stopped her when she spoke English.

She placed a band around my head and I could hear her speak too me, but in my mind. she did not speak English too well.

This band would help us talk.

She let me see inside her starship but would not let me go in

I got very bad headache from band and had too take it off.

I was 14 at time, I'm 62 now still see and talk to her.

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