Aura/Haze Around Object That Changed Color & Landed

Aura/Haze Around Object That Changed Color & Landed

Date: June 16, 1956

Location: Cincinnati, OH

A glass like craft that you could see through.

The craft was just 20' in front of me.

As I stepped closer, a ramp out of the side of the craft, opened up and I jumped back.

As the ramp stopped coming out a female voice spoke to me in my mind saying to go on in and I will be right there.

I said no way, and began to turn around.

I felt something touch the back of my neck, it felt hot & cold at the same time.

I woke up about 500' from where I saw the craft.

I got my things together and got on my moped and rode home.

No one was home so I set down to watch TV.

As certain programs came on I had to check the day and time.

I had lost at least 24 hours, it was Friday when I left, it was now Saturday.

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