Object Changed Color

Object Changed Color

Date: June 1, 1955

Location: Cincinnati, OH

This was such an amazing sighting.

The craft was deep bronze in color with a glow about it, probably due to the time of day and the Sun's position.

This was in a relatively remote suburban location, and we were simply in the large back area having a family picnic.

The object appeared at some miles away and slowly approached us.

However, it did not attempt to get too near, but instead laid back at a distance for a little time and then veered to its left and disappeared.

The object was absolutely huge.

At no time did we feel threatened in any way, it was almost a protective feeling.

We did not report the incident, but rather just took in in stride for some reason.

As I reflect back now, I feel that it was a direct emissary from God.

We saw no evidence of a life form, except for the magnificent warmth of color of the object and obvious intelligence of the crafters of same.

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