Triangular Formation Passing Overhead

Triangular Formation Passing Overhead

Date: November 13, 1953

Location: Cicero, IL

My mother and I were walking down the street at about 8:00 p.m. in Cicero, Illinois.

Passing over our heads at a great distance up was a formation of 7 bright white dots of light in a dark sky.

They were dots, because of the great distance we were seeing them from.

They were moving slowly toward the East, which would have taken them right over Chicago, IL.

The 7 dots made 2 three point triangles inside of each other, with the inner triangle have the extra dot on one side.

It took about 2 minutes for them to pass overhead.

We saw the formation again a few days later, on about November 16, 1953 around the same time.

This time, we only saw 6 bright white dots travelling in the same formation and direction.

Again, it took them about 2 minutes to pass overhead.

We never saw anything like it before or after these 2 times.

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