São Paulo UFO

UFO Over Brasilia

Date: March 15, 1975

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I was 13 at the time and was playing outside a church while my parents were in choir practice. It was dark.

From the hill where the church sat, I could see the terminal station of the São Paulo subway system.

It was then that I noticed an orange light that changed in intensity, sometimes changing to red.

I called my parents and the other church members who came out to see. We were there for about 20 minutes.

The location of the light was exactly on the path of the São Paulo International Airport, Congonhas, final approach.

As airplanes would align with final, the light moved very fast and dissapeared, to reappear when tha plane had passed.

Later that evening, channel 5, Globo television network, reported the incident and interviewed several eye witnesses, who reported the same story. They also interviewed officials at the airport who reported an unidentified object on the radar screens at the reported location.

Airline pilots also reported seeing the object. No further explanations w!ere given, and Air Force officials declined to comment.

The date is approximate, since I don't remember exactly when it happened. But it was around then.

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