Chugiak Possible Abduction

Chugiak Possible Abduction

Date: May 15, 1973

Location: Chugiak, Alaska

Black oblong boxes, connected by what looked like a hose, silently floating at tree top level with no lights about the size of big rigs I donít remember the month or date, as it was so long ago, or the zip code for then as things have grown and changed.

I have never heard of anything like this.

We lived several miles from both an army and air force base and their helicopters were a constant nuisance, flying way lower than they were supposed to do.

So low, I could see the faces of the pilots and it would shake my house and wake up my babies, drowning out anything I was watching on TV or radio for several minutes at a time.

I would call and complain to whoever I could and they would deny they were their helicopters, as they were required to fly no lower than 1,000' and not over residential areas, having different flight paths, I was told.

I got nowhere with stopping them.

I would call when they were pounding noise over my house and tell them to hear this and tell me they werenít coming over my house, but it did no good.

They only denied they knew anything about them.

We lived out in a remote area, where houses were spaced out and far from town, however we had houses and an apartment building within sight of us on a lonely country road surrounded by acres of thick woods.

My house was a mobile home placed on a brick basement down in a dip or hollow of the dirt road with rises of hills on either side of us.

We were surrounded by woods and tall skinny trees, aspen, birch and pine.

There was nothing on the other side of the road from us and behind us but woods.

We also had thick woods on either side of us, but at the top of the hills, were houses.

We had a dog that was about 98% wolf 2% Malamute.

He was big, fast and fearless.

He was always barking at moose or bear that would come into our yard and was afraid of nothing or no one.

We kept him leashed on our deck at night.

He usually kept silent watching until an intruder would come too close and then Iíd hear his chain sliding across the wood before heíd start barking to chase them off, pulling on his chain to give chase.

He ran free in the daytime with me for protection from bear and moose as Iíd take the baby up the road for a stroller ride.

One time he saved the life of my 1 year old baby and myself when he lept out of the woods to get in front of her stroller to face 2 St. Bernards that were threatening my daughter, growling at her, inching closer to her with teeth hanging out and intentions to attack her.

I didnít know what to do with her in front of me just 2' from those hostile dogs.

Afraid to make any sudden moves.

But then, there was my protector, with fangs bared, hackles raised, head lowered, long legs spread ready to pounce, and this terrible rumbling sound coming out of his throat, my dog stood his ground before them giving me time to turn around and run down the hill to my house while he tangled with them both.

I thought theyíd kill him, but he came home unscathed and smiling, pretty happy with himself.

Besides the helicopters that bothered me so much, I had interference with my TV that only got 3 channels in those early days in Alaska broadcasting.

The screen would get snowy and then Iíd hear intermittent beeping noises that were very strange and sporadic, like a code or signal of some kind.

Very high pitched.

If I watched the snowy screen, after awhile it seemed to form into patterns I could see somehow in conjunction with the beeps.

Usually after that, the black helicopters would come flying over my house so low I would run out and curse them, shaking my fist at them.

My wolf dog would watch them, unbothered.

But this one night, I was ironing while watching TV while my husband dozed in his chair and my babies slept in their rooms.

The dog was out on the porch.

Then the TV did itís snowy beeping thing that made me mad because I was watching a movie.

But while it was quiet, I heard the dogís chain sliding across the wood deck like it did when something or someone came into our yard.

And then I couldnít believe my ears, as he was whining like some terrified dog next to the house wall.

I had never, ever, seen or heard such behavior from him for any reason.

He got louder and louder and was scratching and banging on the wall in the corner of the deck, trying to get off his leash and run away, trying to hide for some reason.

I couldnít believe this, and without thinking I could be in any danger, as he would be taking on any bear or moose that could be there.

I opened the door to see what could possibly be wrong with him.

What in the world could be out there to make him be acting this way?

This was a first, and I wanted to see what would scare this brave dog.

When I opened the door to tell him to stop it, I looked to my left where he was cowering without looking to my right.

I was scolding him when I noticed he wasnít looking at me, but over my head, behind me, while he was trying to back himself into the corner of the house, pushing back with his front paws as he sat down with his back to the wall and nowhere else to go.

Something in his eyes, the look on his face of pure terror made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I wondered what he was seeing behind my back that I hadnít looked at when I came out on the deck.

I turned around and was so shocked by what I saw that I almost fainted.

I noticed at the same time that the night had taken on a very loud hush.

Not a sound was to be heard, and it seemed there was a heavy thick feeling in the air.

The silence was profoundly loud, somehow, total silence.

Giving me the sensation that time stood still or suspended as nothing but my dog moved behind me or made a sound.

Everything felt slowed down somehow, slow motion for me.

Slow thinking, responses, maybe shock.

And in this total silence, there hung at tree top level on the hill above my house, 2 oblong black boxes, just hanging there, sort of floating, not moving or making a sound.

One was right at the tree top level, the other one was slightly behind it and higher.

A cord of some kind connected both boxes like a gas hose, coming down from the higher one and bending like an S to the lower one.

Reminded me, in later years, of the way our airplanes refuel each other while flying.

But it connected them from the back of the lower one to the front of the higher one.

There was nothing discernible on or about them to say which was front or back or anything distinguishable in any way.

They were smooth without anything sticking out or raised or reflecting any light.

They had no lights either.

They were about the size of the freight containers that big rigs pull, or bigger, very long and square edged.

They were solid, dense, black, no shine.

I couldnít comprehend how these heavy looking solid huge box shaped things were defying gravity to be so silently hanging there.

Just there, where nothing should have been floating.

It then hit me that my wolf dog was still crying and trying to dig a hole thru the deck behind me to get away and I was all alone standing there facing this dangerous situation outside in the dark.

I hadnít even heard him for that time in space.

I felt very threatened by it, it seemed malevolent, brooding, watching me.

Caught in the act, whatever it had been doing as they floated there.

I felt watched like a bug on a slide, and that it would somehow grab me or hurt me any second, the longer I waited out there all alone.

It was obvious my protector was not going to be protecting me this nite, no one knew I was out here, either.

My hair felt like it was standing up all over my body, like electricity in the air.

After staring at that for I donít know how long as I seemed too stunned to move, it was like I woke up, coming to my senses.

I turned to the front door Iíd come out of to dash back in the house and was so afraid, I couldnít get the door to open or the knob to turn.

I pounded hysterically on the door, calling to my husband to open it up as I thought it had locked behind me.

All the while I pounded on the door and screamed for help, I was aware it was still hanging there to my left, watching me.

I was afraid it would take me I was making so much noise, if the door didnít open.

I donít know why I thought going through that door would save me.

After what seemed like an eternity of banging, the door opened and I fell in the door to the floor, yelling at him to shut the door, shut the door.

He was confused, not knowing what was going on, saying the door hadnít been locked and what was wrong with me and the dog?

I hurriedly told him about the black oblong boxes hanging ominously outside up on the hill and he laughed at me like Iíd been dreaming.

Maybe 15 seconds had gone by since I fell in the door and I dragged him outside to see for himself but they were gone.

Completely gone, not a trace.

We went back inside, I was shaking all over, telling him over and over what Iíd seen.

The beeping stopped on the TV and the program came back on and then the helicopters came by.

I have told many people about this story, hoping to find anyone else who has seen such a strange thing but no one has.

I called MUFON several years ago to ask if anyone had ever reported anything remotely similar to it, as it has bothered me for all these years since then, wondering what it was, if I had been in danger, if I had missing time.

It seemed to be later when I was back in the house than when I went out there.

I thought I was only out there for less than a minute, but at least 15 minutes had gone by or more when I came back in.

What took my husband, who was sleeping in his chair not 5' from the door, so long to wake up and open the door with all the commotion I was making?

Why was my wolf so terrified when nothing fazed him in his life before that?

I wondered what my dog saw that I didnít or didnít remember seeing?

Or what he heard or sensed that I didnít.

The man that I talked to at MUFON said that around that time in Canada just a couple, or maybe a few isolated cases of black oblong or square boxes were reported, but never again or from anywhere else that he knew of.

He had no clue about it anymore than I did, saying it was fairly rare.

I would like to know what they were, what they were doing there, if anyone else has ever experienced anything like it or has any ideas about what we experienced.

It was also strange that it was so quiet and no one else seemed to know about it.

Other dogs werenít barking or whining.

How did they leave so fast?

I am not a good person to measure distances, but Iíd say the tree was maybe 4 car lengths, end to end, high, and it was maybe 5 or 6 car/van lengths, end to end from my property up to the hill where the tree was where they were at.

I donít know how far that measures, but they were close.

And what about those black helicopters?

I always thought they were associated with the military bases, but what were they doing always going over my house and that beeping on my TV?

Iíve seen other things at different times in different places, but maybe I should make a different report out for each one.

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