Ball Shaped UFO

Ball Shaped UFO

Date: Summer - 1933

Location: Chrysville, PA

Witness Y, who desired no publicity, claimed that as he was on his way to Nazareth, his car had a flat tire.

As he was fixing it, he noticed a faint violet glow in a field to his right.

Curious, he walked toward it and soon found himself facing a ball shaped craft 10' in diameter and 6' high.

The light was coming from a slit in a circular opening that on close examination proved to be slightly ajar.

With a push, Y opened it and put his head through the 1' circle to observe the inside.

The violet light, emanating, he thought, from the ceiling, made it difficult for him to see, but as his eyes adjusted, he discerned dials, tubing, and walls seemingly of a marble like material as well as a kind of console in the center. There were no windows.

An ammonia scent permeated the room, which was notably chilly.

Y then walked around the object and felt the outside surface, which was slick, metallic, and cold.

At no time did Y see the craft’s occupants.

After 10 minutes he returned to his car, fixed the tire, and drove home.

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