UFO With Occupants

UFO With Occupants

Date: July 6, 1947

Location: Chickamauga Creek, Chattanooga, TN

W.D. Secrest was hunting turtles in a creek when he saw 3 flying disk shaped objects over the area.

Scared at first he hid behind a tree.

He then noticed one of the disks descend and hover over a nearby field.

He was able to obtain a good look at the object & was able to see a cockpit with 2 pilot like figures inside as the object tilted.

He also noted a black hump behind the cockpit, which he believed housed the engines.

The other 2 disks remained high in the air, while the lower disk apparently surveyed the field.

It then zoomed upward, took a leading position in front of the other 2 disks and all 3 took off at incredible speed.

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