Light Over Lake Michigan

Light Over Lake Michigan

Date: Unknown

Location: Chicago, IL

While attending college in Chicago, I met a smoking hot girl in one of my classes.

We hung out and studied together, but it wasn't long until I realized I was in the friend zone despite my efforts.

One night I had invited her and some classmates over to my apartment to work on a project for class.

She was the only one who showed up, so we decided to go for a walk along the shore of the lake which was just a block from where I lived.

We were walking along, talking, when she noticed a light over the lake that was dancing around.

I saw it too, we sat and watched it for at least an hour.

To this day I would swear what I saw that night was a UFO, it's movement was indescribable.

The experience really hit her hard leading her to question the meaning of life and, more importantly, lead her into my bedroom for the night.

A few weeks later I was back at the same spot along the lake with a buddy of mine telling him about what happened that night that I saw the lights.

Then I noticed it again.

Except that this time the lighting was a bit different because of low hanging clouds.

It was at that point I realized the lights we saw that night were actually birds flying just about 300' off shore.

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