Pre-Teen Sights 2 Objects

Pre-Teen Sights 2 Objects

Date: June 21, 1952

Location: Chicago, IL

This event happened when I was a young boy, just pre-teen when I'd guess I was about 12.

I'm now 65 and want to post this report before I can't.

This would put the event in the very early 1950s.

I lived in Calumet Park, on a small farm, about 20 miles southsouthwest of downtown.

One afternoon I was standing in the yard looking due North.

Coming out of the West there was a very high, extremely fast round object moving West to East.

The speed was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Many times that of the fastest plane.

From the ground the view angle was probably about 60°.

From my distance it appeared to be about 3 or so times the size of a pin head held at arm's length.

When it was due North of my location it came to a stop, motionless.

It remained that way for several minutes.

Then another identical object came from the East at the same blazing speed.

It came to a stop right by the other one.

Now there were 2 of the round objects together.

They hovered for a few minutes.

Then they went straight up, got smaller and smaller until I couldn't see them any more.

There was no sound, no vapor or contrails.

The day was bright and clear, not a cloud in the sky.

No wind.

Just a perfect summer day.

I remember the temperature being plesant too, which would normally mean early summer or late, late spring.

In the above part of the form I'm only guessing month/day/year.

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