Saucer Shaped Object

Saucer Shaped Object

Date: April 15, 1952

Location: Chicago, IL

I am giving this report to you because it is deteriorating as to it's age.

It was Sunday, April 1952 when my family and I were looking at new homes just outside of Chicago IL.

This sighting we had took place at about 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m.

It was a daytime sighting which lasted approximately 45 minutes at least.

This is off a U.S. Air Force UFO form ftd 164.

My parents went into a home and left us 3 kids in car.

My brother, sister, & myself.

We were playing in the car jumping over the seats as there is lots of room in a 1950 Pontiac.

It was my brother, now dead that looked up and out the window.

He said:

What is that?

It was large, about the size of a running track and was a metallic silver round or saucer shape object.

From our angle it did not let us see the top of it.

No speed involved as it was just standing in air, kind of revolving on its own axis at about 60° and it made no sound.

The object would often catch the sun and reflect light at us, blinding us momentarily.

My father came out to the car and we asked what it was.

He looked and said its probably army stuff because their was a radar sight a few miles away.

He finished checking on us and went back into the house he was looking at.

My brother did not say anything until my father left.

My brother then told us kids, this was important, this is the time of prop planes.

But this thing is standing still and defying gravity.

As kids are, after such a long time watching it we began to play again.

After a while my sister said:

Were did it go? It was gone and none of us seen it leave.

This was also reported to Project Blue Book in the 1960s and they did not reply.

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