Triangular Object With Lights

Triangular Object With Lights

Date: September 19, 2009

Location: Chester, WV

I heard a loud sound, as if something like a jet engine was getting louder, and when we looked up, there was a triangular object.

With lights raising gradually from a standpoint and flew across the sky and disappeared over the other hill.

There is absolulety no flat area this thing could have taken off from.

It looked large and flew in a straight line.

It was odd because the starting point of this object would be from a heavily wooded area with no area to take off from.

Craft was triangular, with white & green light on each point of the triangle.

One large red light in the center with a white glow.

I could see the size about as large as the space inside both of my arms held in a triangular shape opening.

It seemed to start at the top of a hill by the house and went gradually higher as it flew over my house.

I think it travelled North to South.

I'm not great at actual directions.

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