UFO Flies Over Couples Car

UFO Flies Over Couples Car

Date: September 24

Location: Cheshire, CT

Shortly after pulling onto Main Street, I looked up to see a bright light.

At first, I thought it looked like a helicopter with its searchlight on, it was moving pretty fast from right to left.

After pulling onto Horton Avenue, I realized it was too high up to be a helicopter with a searchlight on.

The craft was still moving right to left and the light was on the right, so on the back.

The light was extremely bright for how high up it was, I'd say it had to be as high as a normal passenger plane would fly.

The light shining in the back, which was a white light, looked dusty.

After pulling onto Horton Avenue and watching it for another 15 to 30 seconds, the light turned off.

But you could still see the craft moving, and it looked like it was leaving dust behind.

It moved quickly behind the treeline and that's it.

The object was not overhead, but maybe a few miles away.

Where I was looking, it was towards the Cheshire/Hamden line, but it's hard to decipher how far it was from my location.

But it was bright and large enough to see where I was.

This did not look like a shooting star, green fireball or comet, this was a craft of some kind.

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