Silent & Spinning Daylight Disk

Silent & Spinning Daylight Disk

Date: July, 13, 1957

Location: Chesapeake, OH

On a breezy summer morning in 1957 I was a 9 year old boy looking for a lost wiffle ball in a large bush which stood at then end of our driveway in those days.

I saw a bright white object through the limbs of the plant.

Thinking it was the ball I stood back for a better look, when I realized the object was in the sky and descending into the large, fast moving clouds. above me.

As the object passed through the clouds it changed from a glowing object to a brass colored sharply defined disk.

It descended below the clouds and hung silently in the air spinning counter-clockwise.

I could see 5 black ports on the object's bottom.

After a short time the disk tipped onto its edge and I could see the top also had 5 black ports.

After dipping one or twice the object flew away with a clearly heard woosh.

At no time was there any engine sound or sonic boom.

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