Teardrop Shaped Object Observed

Teardrop Shaped Object Observed

Date: July 10, 1958

Location: Cheektowaga, NY

The exact day is not positive as this was a long time ago.

I was walking with my father down a sidewalk, North to South, in the apartment complex we lived at when for some reason our attention was attracted skyward.

There may have been a whistle sound but not positive of that.

Weather at the time was a totally clear blue sky with no haze and since we were next to a 2 story apartment building the Sun wasn't high enough in the sky to be seen over the roof.

A teardrop shaped object flew over us at about an 75° to 80° angle of elevation above the southern horizon moving East to West.

It appeared to be emitting it's own light source and was uniformly white in color.

The light was a very pure white but did not glare.

I recall trying to see any detail but could not.

The perceived size was larger than a full Moon but there was no way we could determine how high it was nor the actual size and speed.

I had the impression for some reason it was at least a few thousand feet up.

There was no contrail left, nor any pieces falling off, and no change in direction, velocity, shape and color in the short time we witnessed the object.

Afterwards my father and I wouldn't report it and as far as I know there weren't any reports of a sighting in the area in newspapers.

While hardily an expert I do know that the object was not a plane, bird, cloud, balloon, bolide meteor, or Venus.

I have never seen anything of this nature since that time but felt I should report it now just so it's in the public record.

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