While Recording A Paranormal Podcast

While Recording A Paranormal Podcast

Date: October 31, 1980

Location: Chaumont, NY

Last night, around 9:15 p.m., or so on February 22, 2020, I was in my recording studio recording a paranormal podcast.

The studio sits above a one car garage and has woods on the backside of it, the studio is about 300' from the house, so i's a little walk to and from the studio.

I am used to seeing planes flying overhead and normally hear them after they go by, I don't know what flight path is overhead but the planes are high up.

I's not like I live near a major airport or anything and the planes are low flying.

The Watertown Airport in Dexter is about 10 miles away.

But even then we only see the occasional low flying single engine planes, normally during the day.

I am used to seeing Saturn or Mars in the sky as well, i's like a nightly occurrence.

As I got to the backdoor of the house I heard a noise and turned back to face the studio and shined the flashlight around the area.

It sounded like an animal so I was expecting to see one, emerging from the woods or something.

We have Coy Dogs around the area and I have yet to see one.

I noticed an unusual light above the studio, the light was not directly above the studio though.

It was in the direction of it, it wasn't super bright and it looked kind of large.

I would say golf ball size or slightly smaller.

The color looked sort of orange, like the orange goldish color of a fire, it was more of a dull looking like.

It didn't remind him of a plane with its lights on or anything like that, it appeared to have very little movement.

I went into the house and called over my parents to have them see what I was seeing and they confirmed the light as well.

At this point, I tried to use the camera on my Iphone but it did not pick the light up at all.

We watched the light for almost 4 minutes, it looked like it was traveling away from me, toward the town of Cape Vincent and now the trees started to block the light out.

I decided to jump in the car and get a better look at it.

I drove North on County Route 8 then turned left onto County Route 5.

I was now heading toward Three Mile Bay, I thought I saw it while on County Route 5 but could not be for sure.

Once I arrived in Three Mile Bay I turned right onto County Route 12 heading toward Cape Vincent.

I could not find the light anywhere, I arrived at Cape Vincent and looked out over the water and saw no sign of the light.

I could see the red blinking lights of the windmills across the river clear as day but still no light.

I decided to call it and head home.

I hope someone has saw the same thing and will report it as well.

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