A Ground Event

A Ground Event

Date: June 12, 1930

Location: Charlotte, NC

This was a ground event.

A orb, thinking one of the naturally occurring ones, but I am not a expert in such things.

Reporting so you may be able to match any other data.

Slow moving electrical/plasma discharge.

Since could see damage, know was real.

Properties over old military depot and thinking maybe old metal buildings or generators, that is why discharge lasted so long.

Moved in grid like fashion, so maybe old ground wave station at one time?

Energy just following natural path, until it went through house and ended in pretty loud discharge.

Smaller orbs back toward creek chased by community dog.

Just wanted to report it.

Not sure what else to do.

Tried to touch, not a good thing, shocked and will be OK.

2nd degree burn.

So is was most likely just a natural discharge.

Stressing I think this needs further investigation, but need more proof.

Will follow up with letter if get such.

There were lights on the object.

There was an aura or haze around the object,

The object made a sound.

There were electrical or magnetic effects,

Missing time was experienced.

Marks found on body afterwards.

Orb discharges after moving slowly from creek bed wooded area.

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