I Saw A Huge Cigar Shaped Object

I Saw A Huge Cigar Shaped Object

Date: October 15, 1967

Location: Castleside, County Durham, England

I was in a field on a hill above Consett with my friend.

It was Sunday.

I had gone to check out my old Thoroughbred mare before going home.

The mare became agitated & started to sweat, the veins on her neck stood out.

She flung her head up & looked up at the skyline.

I followed her gaze & saw a huge cigar shaped object hovering just above 4 trees.

It was pulsating red to orange to red to orange like a heartbeat.

I could not see any windows in it.

I was terrified and could not speak, I just hung on to the horses mane, dumbstruck.

Finally I shouted my friend's name.

She turned towards me, she was some distance away from me.

As she did so, the huge object flew up, and away in a high parabola, incredibly quickly.

Sadly she did not see it, but saw how upset both the horse & myself were.

I was terribly shaken by this & have never forgotten it.

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